• We welcome you with love and respect on the Brahmayurveda information webpages!

  • Treatment of digestive problems and complaints.

  • Excellent panchakarma technicians.

  • Panchakarma cellular cleansing therapy.

  • Ayurvedic treatments and proper diet lead to a reduction in overweight.

  • The vegetarian fresh, spicy foods serve your health.

  • Appropriate environment with friendly staff.

  • We treat allergy problems well with Ayurveda.

  • Treatment of migraine and other nervous system complaints..

  • Arthritis and other joint treatments.

  • K.P. Krishna Kumár

    Krishna was born in Kerala, southern India. He has been here in Hungary for 11 years. Over the years, I
    have not seen any fatigue or impatience of him with the guests on any occasion. His vocation is from a
    pure heart, with a kind of divine blessing. He is our key human being in Brahmayurveda. Without him we
    would not exist and would not have developed.

  • Schönig Henriett

    Heni joined us as a receptionist a few months after the opening.
    Fairy, smiling, patient, devoted, feels like being my own daughter.
    Our guests are constantly stacked her with various sizes and kinds of chocolate and biscuits, round
    chocolate, flat chocolate, chocolate cube, which is not Ayurvedic.
    Get in touch with confidence.

  • Vinay Kumár

    Vinay was also born in New Delhi, from the Brahmin family. Perhaps because of this he has an innate,
    balanced character that always tends to me when I talk to him. There is calmness, tenderness,
    gratitude, humility, and discipline, and something else we experience when he is our masseur. He has softer, weaker hands, we get the same tone, not exactly a strong massage, after treatment we feel like
    we are returning from our few days to the real world.

  • Padanilathu Koshy Shinto

    Shinto was born in Perryar, Kerala, my first masseuse since the beggining, so he is treated privileged in
    all of us. He draws his heart to the massages and treatments. We recommend those guests who want a
    strong massage and can physically "suffer it all".
    Shinto's specialty is mainly the painful areas such as the back, the reclining of the joints, the use of
    warm treatments.

  • Anumod Anderson

    Anumod Kerala, a South Indian born, young man, is always serious and firm. He does not like to spend
    a minute without work, so he always inquires from our receptionist who is the next guest. He is also a
    strong-handed masseur whom we would rather recommend to men or knit muscular guests, but if we
    discuss it, he will also provide us with a softer massage.

  • Anu Thomas

    Anu has just started with us, I still think it takes a while to completely dissolve and show his true self.
    Honest and shy. We want him to be our weaker and softer treatments on our work, since we have a lot
    of strong hand masseurs. And it was not Poppeye, either accoring to his type.
    As a masseur, and as a man, he has good qualities. He has not yet "made a European" with his
    haunted hairstyle.

  • Mukesh Singhal

    Mukesh was born in New Delhi, and incredibly excellent in Hungarian, and even funny in his own way.
    He is willing to do all he can to please the guest. He puts on a visor of rose with smokestacks and
    candles. In terms of his work, his hands are strong enough to disassemble and then put it together in
    the end.