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Vedic astrology with Krishna 60 mins

Astrology is the part of the Vedic philosophy and Ayurvedic theory as well. According to ayurveda, the
influence of celestial bodies is indisputable.
When you have read all the useful books and tried all the methods and still do not understand what is
happening around you, where is your place in the world, and why things are happening, do not have a
place in your life, it is time to analyze your life for the Vedic through astrology. After the conversation,
our guests mostly understand what is actually happening in the dimension that one wants to discover
and then one realizes that this is one’s life. One relaxes, accepts the situation, and once sees the "wood
from the tree”.
According to Vedic astrology People differ only from the ability to think differently from other creatures,
and in all other aspects, they are parts of Earth and the solar system in the same way. There is a close
relationship between things on earth and things in the universe, the Vedic astrological signs and effects
predictions can not be ignored.
According to Vedic Astrology:
the soul of the Calapurus is the Sun, its mind is the moon, its power is Mars, its speech is Mercury, its
knowledge and health is Jupiter, its desire is Venus, the sadness is Saturn. Among the planets, the Sun
and the Moon are the kings, Mars is the general, Mercury the heir to the throne, Jupiter and Venus are
consultants, and Saturn is the slave.
In the West, Vedic Astrology is not part of Ayurvedic healing, but each healer know the importance of it.
The solar system needs a balance and the forces that provide balance are similar and responsible for
the human equilibrium.
Planetary effects create and destroy our bodies.

Gemstones, colours and planets::
Planet Precious stone Substitute Colour
Sun Ruby Grenade, Sunstone Bright red
Moon Pearl Moonstone White
Mars Red coral Carnelian Cherry
Merkury Emerald Peridot, green zirkonium Green
Jupiter Yelollow sapphire Yellow topaz, Citrine Yellow
Venus Diamond Withe sapphire, Quartz crystal various
Saturn Blue sapphire Amethyst Deep blue
Ráhú Hesson, Grenade   Infrared
Kétú Tiger eye, cymophane   Ultraviolet