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TARPAN - treatment of the eye with herbal ghee

7-9-11-14, 14-11-9-7 minutes occasionally - 5,000 HUF
Cleansing Ayurvedic therapy for the eye, with the use of lukewarm healing ghee. After the dough has
been carefully placed around the eyes, we have built it up, we swallow the herbaceous ghee slowly until
the eye and its surroundings are absorbed by the liquid, forming an eyebrow bath.
Eye shower and practice promote eye oiling.
The Tarpan treatment is very effective, especially in the dry, itchy, red, irritated, tearing, circled around
eyes. After some treatmen we can see the improvement of vision we recommend it to people who use a
lot of computer and TV.
Warning: you need more than one treatment for succeed, in any case continuity is the key, so it is
recommended to be cured.