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  • Treatment of digestive problems and complaints.

  • Excellent panchakarma technicians.

  • Panchakarma cellular cleansing therapy.

  • Ayurvedic treatments and proper diet lead to a reduction in overweight.

  • The vegetarian fresh, spicy foods serve your health.

  • Appropriate environment with friendly staff.

  • We treat allergy problems well with Ayurveda.

  • Treatment of migraine and other nervous system complaints..

  • Arthritis and other joint treatments.

Room, 101

Medium priced single room with a cozy atmosphere and large bed (size: 130 x 200 cm).
This room has a separate space with a shower, washbasin, toilet. It has a safe, a hairdryer, kettle, iron,
ironing board, ceiling fans, an in-house telephone network, and a communal terrace at the top floor.


Room 101


This is my favorite place in the House. Perhaps because of its arrangement, the two Madhuban
paintings and the fired tiles around the mirror or the Venetian bed at the Black Market, I can not
decide, but the atmosphere of the room does not really have a mistake. When we arrive, let's sit down
in a chair against the bed, start the ceiling fan slowly, light a candleinhale a big and be glad for
Room service, wifi is at your service.
Size: 25 m² + 4 m²+ 2 m²