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Pitta dosha

The properties of the Pitta: slightly oily, sharp, warm, lightweight, stingy, movable, liquid.

Astanga-Hridaja I. 11-12


Characteristics of the Pitta body type:

External Features: Physics are well-developed, muscular limbs. They have a thoughtful, solid walk. Their voice is loud and strong, even convincing. Their skin is light, soft and bright, very sensitive to
sunlight orr heat, usually frecled and spotty. Their bodies are hot and sweaty, their hair is blond or red, which is usually early get grey. Their faces are heart-shaped, peaky chin, with colored eyes – blue or light gray. Their mouth and lips are medium sized with yellowish teeth.

Internal Features: ambitious, their concentration is high, confident, brave, thirst for knowledge, critical sense, intelligence and precision. They talk very clearly and articulated. Adventuresome, brave,
reckless, savvy, inventive. The fire of anger and irritability soon flares up at them. Their memory capacity is perfectly sharp. They are moderately passionate lovers and usually spend thoughtfully on luxury items. Rather, it is the power to acquire wealth, but the money does not drag it.

Signs of excessive pitta:

Physical symptoms: pitta excessive fatigue, strong sweating, strong hunger and thirst, increased body temperature, burning sensation, dermatitis, abscess, acne, blebs, hives, ulcers, dark complexion, unpleasant body odor, bad breathing, and leads to heart burning sensation. Sore throat, dull, oily skin, dizziness, fainting, sunburn, sun burning skin, jaundice of the skin, snuffles, urination problems could suggest the pitta worsening.

  1. Mental effects: anger, hostility, impatience, resentment, irritability, excessive self-criticism.

  2. Behavioral impacts: intolerance against delay, criticism of others, argumentativeness, fatigue, lack of sleep, explosion, longing for cold meals, drinks, bitter and sour taste in mouth and warm intolerance to ae caused by elevated pitta levels.


Low pitta signs:

If the strength of pitta decreases in the body, digestion is decline automatically, body temperature decreases, skin becomes pale and sensitivity to cold increases. Every physical process that pitta controls is slowing down. In this case, it is recommended to use pitta-boosting foods and medications, especially in which the fire element is predominant. Digestive herbs are also beneficial, they are hot, spicy, sour or salty. Additionally, a pitta enhancing lifestyle is recommended.


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