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Panchakarma from my perspective

I would like to share my own experiences here in this section about panchakarma, in which I participated several times.

Then, from a scientific point of view, I would like to outline its process and essence.

I advise you when you move in, you must understand that the location and the process are not a fashionable SPA or Hotel where relaxation and comfort play the major role, namely there are serious interventions here, together with gentle healing.

During your stay, you will have to get out of your comfort zone and to get rid of your habits, taking the example of food and daily thinking, which can be very poisonous to your body and mind.

Without remittal, reception and humility, you are facing unnecessary pastime. Change as a process is important and essential.

The focus during your stay, between you and the food, is not the enjoyment of food, but only the maintenance of your body. We must accept the fact that if we get less food, digestive procedures do not bind our energy, and in time we start a process that changes our lifestyle and explains many things.

I advise you to get rid of your daily problems, then, after the cleansing course, you can deal with your troublesome things again, but then you will approach them from a completely different perspective, and you maybe even smile on them, and you will see how overrated were those problems and how they were solved eventually by the time.

After the cleansing course has taken place, you will see the positive and negative life tasks to be solved completely different, which will happen sooner or later.

In our life there is no more important in changing the approach to life, which sets up our balance, because in every field the setting of the balance is the key. Every time I participated in panchakarma, it made me more balanced and simpler but better thought.

Throughout the duration of panchakarma, the soul, mind and spirit are passing through a special process, of course, only if we allow them and if we are open to do so, not our usual negative way of thinking prevails in us.

My first 2-3 cleansing treatments were for my body. It restored my functions, so I healed.

After that the other cleansing treatments, where the goal was no longer the physical healing, but the maintenance, were shocking for me. Only later did the thoughts compose in me, they brought me to a higher level, so I understood then where my place is in this chaotic world, what I can do and what I cannot do, what is right for me and what is not. All stress factors are based on dissatisfaction, over-performance, and willingness.

The mind needs the same order to restore proper thought. Do not let to have a distorted, degenerates, manipulated life image.

I got these and I always get these when I participate in panchakarma.

There is no similar and more complex process that fulfills the development of body, mind and soul.

In our day-to-day life, we keep our car, our house, our business, and our wardrobe under constant control. We also need to devote some time to finding the service for ourselves, where we can diagnose, read out and erase our fault code, replace our tired oil, air filter, upgrade our turbo, repair our electronics, and check our motor control so that everything can work in harmony and can be uses together again.

If we feel the essence of Ayurveda, we understand that this is the Ancient Procedure with which we can maintain our bodies and souls during our lives. Over time, we realize that this is necessary and essential for us from the point of view of proper health.