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  • Treatment of digestive problems and complaints.

  • Excellent panchakarma technicians.

  • Panchakarma cellular cleansing therapy.

  • Ayurvedic treatments and proper diet lead to a reduction in overweight.

  • The vegetarian fresh, spicy foods serve your health.

  • Appropriate environment with friendly staff.

  • We treat allergy problems well with Ayurveda.

  • Treatment of migraine and other nervous system complaints..

  • Arthritis and other joint treatments.

PADA-HASTA - sole and palm partial massage 45 mins

Also a part of Ayurvedic massage. Here we deal with the hand and foot all the time. By stimulating the
palms and soles of reflex zones, we improve life functions and stimulate internal organs. The painful
joints soften, the edema is reduced, and the massaged hand and foot massage. After some treatments,
we should feel the positive change.