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Liquation treatment and warm oil bath with massage – duration: 60 min

This kind of massage is also called ’royal massage’. The bath of the body in oil during the massage. The
treatment starts with a whole body massage, which happens with heated, warm oil on either side. After
that the body is poured with warm oil (45 C) while the masseur rubbing and stimulating the skin. The
slow warming of the body causes sweating reaction. We use 5 litres of oil during this treatment. By the
end of the massage the oil is not yellow anymore, as the effect of the massage it becomes white, lactic.
This is the way how the toxins are led out from the body. This treatment is relaxing and rejuvenescent,
useful against chronic exhaustion and after viral or bacterial infection. It raises the immunity, eases the
burning sensation inside the body and effects lively bloodstream. It helps the recovery of paralysis.