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Leech therapy

Healing with leech is one of the oldest therapy, the most ancient healing process in the world, even the
scripture mentions the use of leech, so no doubts about the succes of the healing.
Ayurveda has been using this wonderful remedy for over 5,000 years, which they call rekta moksha and
used mainly for blood purification and blood drainage.
Setting and applying the spit is mostly dependent on our prakriti, thus our body structure, which means
that a weaker body may need less whereas a stronger body can be used with more leeches. We always
do the treatment according to body type.
The beneficial effect of the leech can be attributed to more than 60-70 enzyme and hysterectomy of
blood clotting through the salivary glands. Enzymes are biocatalysts that accelerate chemical processes
in our body. So everything our body needs such as fat, sugar, protein, etc. are degraded faster. Hirudin
is an anti-coagulant, blood thinner, which cleanses blood clots and thrombin, dilutes the blood and thus
makes the heart easier to pump the blood. Slimmer blood is easier to pump to our heart than the dense
The effect of leech treatment is due to the formation of a blood link between the site of the piercing and
the organ, which transports the amount of hirudin in the saliva of the leech.
Treatment with leech affects the oxygen supply and the acceleration of any chemical reaction what is a
really important of the healing.
We need to know where is place with a lot of oxygen and blood supply so self-healing processes can
start there. Therapy rejuvenates the body, externally and internally, and the pain is completely reduced
by the first treatment as well.
Application area:
Leech therapy is mainly recommended:

  •  primarily for the treatment of heart and circulatory problems, as a secondary result in rheumatic and inflammatory diseases, nervousness, lumbago, osteoporosis and other pain;
  • in the improvement of liver function, leech treatment brings great resolution, regeneration and immediate removal of slags
  •  skin disorders such as furunculosis, acne skin, eczema, psoriasis, cellulite;
  •  spectacular treatment of gingivitis;
  •  significant realese of climax;
  •  greatly reasolutions for the weakened immune system by third and fourth treatments;
  •  more treaments needed for gangene or chancre of the leg chancre
  •  blood-refreshing treatment.

In addition to the above:
Beauty Treatments:
During the treatment, we add several leeches to the various areas of the face. The skin is a great
reminder of this BIO PROCESS, which is noticeable in terms of quality and wrinkles at least 12 cures
are needed, each cost per course is 12,000 HUF / occasion.
Treatment price list:
The first treatment consultation, to get some information about the patient, and determine the course of
Consultation in 60 minutes with first treatment with 1 leech (test) - 16.000 Ft
Then every additional treatment max. 4 Pieces of leeches - 12,000 Ft
If it is necessary to increase the number of leeches, it will be 1,000 HUF/ leech.
Blood tapping: with leech - 20,000 Ft (if needed)
Price always includes wound supply.
Please note: For unique and problematic treatments prices may change!
Treatments are carried out by a specialist and consultation, examination, with licensed leeches obtained
from foreign cultures.