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Kapha dósha

The properties of Kapha are wet, cold, heavy, blunt, sticky, hard.

Astanga-Hridaja I.11-12


Characteristics of the Kapha Type:

Exterior Features:Strong physical structure, fubby, heavy, low rise, strong physique, tending to obesity, light skin color, sometimes pale, oily, shiny fine crop of hair, strong waves, forehead wide, neck
thick, well-rounded thighs, and the voice is pleasantly deep.

Internal Features:: peaceful, slow, assiduous, dull, slowly processing the information, but what they get is remembered for a lifetime. They are affectionate, especially for their possessions, calmness,
satisfaction, affection, emotionalism and loyalty. They are also conservative and follow the happening slowly. Apart from their usual range of activities, they rarely venture elsewhere.


Excessive Kapha Signs:

  1. Physical symptoms: lazy organs, sweet taste in the mouth, pale skin, coolness, softness, itchy feeling, the mala (the body's metabolic products - faeces, urine and sweat) feel as if packed in wet clothes the affected parts of the body would seem to be trapped with something, swelling, clogging, facial problems, coldness, lupus, nasal discharge, cough, asthma, slow/ blunt sensation, diabetes and water retention in the tissues.

  2. Mental symptoms: dullness, loneliness, disinterest, excessive attachment.

  3. Behavioral symptoms: lethargy, too much sleep, drowsiness, slow movements, inability to accept changes, pangs, desire to possess.


Signs of Low Level Kapha:

When the kapha level is too low, the body produces kapha-alike symptoms: dryness, constant burning sensation, emptiness in the kapha regions (lung, heart, joints, head), loose joints, thirst, weakness and lack of sleep. As a result of low kapha levels, all kapha functions are disturbed.


ATTENTION! In our body type we have all three prakriti in specified quantity and quality.