• We welcome you with love and respect on the Brahmayurveda information webpages!

  • Treatment of digestive problems and complaints.

  • Excellent panchakarma technicians.

  • Panchakarma cellular cleansing therapy.

  • Ayurvedic treatments and proper diet lead to a reduction in overweight.

  • The vegetarian fresh, spicy foods serve your health.

  • Appropriate environment with friendly staff.

  • We treat allergy problems well with Ayurveda.

  • Treatment of migraine and other nervous system complaints..

  • Arthritis and other joint treatments.


You can find our policy in each rooms on the wall, we kindly ask you to observe the rules, so that your
stay will be comfortable and calm.

-Please turn off the light and the electric kettle when you leave the room!
-If you would like us to change the towel please leave it on the floor in the bathroom!
-To protect the bedclothes from the oil we use during the treatment please always cover the bed with
the overlay before you lie on it!

-Please always arrive in time for the treatment because we cannot keep the duration if you are late.
-It is obligatory to wear underwear during the treatments!

-Treadmill can be used from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm. Please always wear training shoes when you use it!

-Herbs are available just from 11.00 o 'clock am to 2.00 o'clock pm.
-Please leave the empty vessels at the reception so we can identify them!
-Before 11.00 am and after 2.00 pm the herbs chest is closed.

-Please take the thermos bottle with you in the dining room so we can refill them.
-Please drink just that amount of tea that we give you. If you are thirsty drink the purified water that we
have placed in the guesthouse. Before you drink the water please heat it to 35-45 Celsius in the electric
-During your treatment you can eat and drink just warm food and drinks!

-During the treatment the aim is to heat the body. By this heating the toxinum became fluidus in the
body. Please help our work so we can do our best for your health. Wear warm clothes, cap, scarf,
socks, by chance gloves.

-We kindly ask you to arrive in time for the different meals /the dishes are always fresh cooked/.
-During your meals please don't use your mobile phones, concentrate on the food and leave all your
habits that stimulates the nervous system!
-We cannot change the amount and content of the food. If you wish to change them (e.g. bigger
amount) , we cannot guaratee the success of the treatment.
-All the recepies are the cook's speciality so unfortunately we cannot share them.

-Unfortunately you cannot pay by credit/debit card in the guesthouse so we kindly ask you to fulfill the
invoice at the latest second day if you are satisfied with our service.

-In case you would like to express your satisfaction, tips are gratefully accepted by our workers.

10. Informations about visitors
-During your staying in our guest-house, you have the opportunity to have visitors. We kindly ask you to
inform the receptionist about your guests. Visitation is possible in lunch time from 13.00 to 14.00 or in
dinner time from 18.30 to 21.00. Certainly your guests can have lunch, dinner, yoga lesson, meditation
and pranayama in the guest-house (for a fee). Please inform the receptionist if your guest would like to
take part in our programmes.

11. Informations about smoking
According to the low smoking is forbidden in the rooms and in public premises.
Smoking area is in the inside garden next to the corner of the building.

12. Error riporting
We kindly ask you to report immediately on the reception if you notice any kind of failure int he room.

13. Pets
Athough we are pet friendly, unfortunately we cannot receive them int he guest-house. Thank you for
your understanding.

14. Parking
If you arrive with car you can park in front of the guest-house. The area is camera controlled but not
guarded. Please do not park in front of the gate or entrance.

15. Your values
You can keep your values in your room, since they are equipped with safe. The safes can be opened
and closed by keys, that you get together with your room keys. If you would like to use our central safe
you have to fill an application form. We take responsibility just for those values, that are placed in our
central safe.

16. Internet, wifi
We have free wifi in our public areas and in the rooms too. You get the password from our receptionists
in check in time.

17. Laundry (self-service)
We have placed a washing machine for our guests on the corridor, please inform the receptionist if you
would like to use it.

18. Taxi, airport transfer, transfer from the railway station
You can claim it on the application for (see prices).

19. Telephone
You can make a phone calls free inside the guest-house, but unfortunately it is not possible to make
domestic or international calls.