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  • Treatment of digestive problems and complaints.

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  • Panchakarma cellular cleansing therapy.

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  • Treatment of migraine and other nervous system complaints..

  • Arthritis and other joint treatments.

ELAKHIZI – herbal bundle massage 60 mins

Ayurvedic sweat treatment, therapeutic compress, the main point is sweating. The perspiration is
provided by canned bundle, which are constantly kept in warm oil, also contain ayurvedic herbs and
powders in healing oil. The canvas bundles are dipped in warm oil and tapped gently to the parts of the
body, starting at the base, moving upward, excepting the face and head. Here, the treated parts of the
body are covered with warm towels for warmth.
Elakhizi is extremely effective for pain, swelling, stiffness, numbness, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis,
sepsis, low blood circulation and weakness.
The Ayurvedic treatment that is the most enjoyable on cold winter days. We mainly recommend Váta
and Kapha to our guests.
The raw materials for the bundles are made exclusively from Kerala and the bundles are prepared by
our competent ayurvedic masseurs.