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Eating-lifestyle from the aspect of ayurveda -consultation 60 mins

t would be well advised to everyone to follow a clean lifestyle that creates peace and gives the purity of
the mind.
Nowadays, it could be hard because we could no longer navigate in the multitude of information so we
get to a point where we could decide what is for appropriate for us and what it is not.
Unfortunately, in the last decades, we have built a picture of a healthy lifestyle for us that is not quite
ethically expressed by "brainwashing" and a set of information has supplied us with books and the
media that do not exactly fit the reality. We could try different eating habits, fashionable diets which
seemed to be good for a while and then collapsed once.
The picture of a healthy lifestyle nowadays in a few sentences, looks like this:
eat lots of raw vegetables, lots of salads, fruits, drink as much water as it "breaks the body" and in any
case we pick up the dietary supplements that are changing every year and up to the current trend from
the mulberry to the chia and finally do not leave the beneficial effect of the diatomit (a separate industry
was built for that). How simple would it be?
I think first of all we should understand that we are not the same. What's good for me, that's not good for
you. Everyday use of diatomite or thistle does not improve digestion or bulks that prevent cellular
The concept of detoxification is not veritable either.
We are also lost in the multitude of detoxification procedures and thus, without competent people we
often harm ourselves. These poisons are no longer moving into the intestines, but they are lurking within
our cells, which can be eliminated by a longer procedure in Ayurvedic procedures.
According to the doshas Ayurveda's cures are recommended for a diet, proper exercise, good thinking,
herbs, colors and stones, meditation in harmony, helps us on our own path in this chaotic world. You can
help yourself to know yourself. The goal is to retrieve our old intuition without which we can not make
proper decisions.
The Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle cosultation is personalized. Discussing the proper ingredients,
vegetables, fruits, cereals, legumes, seeds, dairy products, oils, spices, drinks, and zoogenic foods. It's
kind of a way to go back to the basics.