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Care for Children by Ayurveda

Ayurveda believes that the basis of health is the proper child care at both individual and cultural levels. The best way to find out someone's health is to look at how they grew up.

What they ate, how much they exercised, what lifestyle they had. This statement is also right at the cultural level. Among the eight sectors of classical Ayurveda, pediatrics represents one. If we do not understand the body structure of the child and do not take care of it properly, then we will lay the foundations for later illnesses. It is important to establish the child's ayurvedic structure and to reconcile a lifestyle and diet with a competent person.

Different children need a different diet and other education.

If we do not understand the unique nature of our child, which is often very different from the nature of the parents, then we may be forcing a restrictive or inappropriate pattern on them.

This makes it difficult for them to discover who they really are and what their needs are.

They would need an ayurvedic consultation about dietary considerations and their need for exercise to discuss possible changes.