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  • Treatment of digestive problems and complaints.

  • Excellent panchakarma technicians.

  • Panchakarma cellular cleansing therapy.

  • Ayurvedic treatments and proper diet lead to a reduction in overweight.

  • The vegetarian fresh, spicy foods serve your health.

  • Appropriate environment with friendly staff.

  • We treat allergy problems well with Ayurveda.

  • Treatment of migraine and other nervous system complaints..

  • Arthritis and other joint treatments.

About us

I would like to start our story in 2010., when we broached our enterprise with one therapy room. Krisna Kumar treated our clients, he was the receptionist and the masseur also. Then we slowly outgrew the small therapy room and we moved to a bigger premises. We have spent our time to alter the new place to our style. I still remember the constructions, exactly that day when I pushed the furniture to their place alone, because I was dying to see the result. I lit a few candles and sat in the middle of the hall which was still full of trash. As I was looking around I knew that every people who visit us will enjoy themselves here. This is our current salon in Budapest, Podmaniczky street. The large number of satisfied clients and the lot of positive feedback gave rise to the forward steps. That is how our guest-house came existence in Albertirsa in 2017. may, with seven rooms. There are 6 therapy rooms, a spacious yoga hall, vegetarian kitchen and a cosy interior garden. It was a bigger extent of task so the risk was also bigger. We had to create a restaurant and an entrancing, elegant guest-house without any ostentatious feature in the same time with the spirit of ayurveda. I am not planning further enlargement. I would like to enjoy what we have created and my aim is to make it better. I would like to have enough time to know our clients and give them hope for a better quality of life.



But let us return to the introduction of our work. Our pursuit is based on an ancient indian system and therapy, called ayurveda. For our authentic working the well known Mr. Krisna Kumar and Mr. Jinse Joseph are responsible. They are both from Kerala, which is the centre of ayurveda. Our masseurs,
therapists and yoga master are also from India. All of them have worked in this area before they came to Europe, so they have extensive experience. They are devoted heart and soul to their profession and they are always polite and cheerful.


We find it very important to use original materials for the treatments so we deliver the oils, the virtuous plants, herb powders from India. By using these traditional materials we can ensure our clients the authentic form of our work.

Our simply smart head cook make fresh, delicious dishes by using just prime foodstaffs. These mealsare certainly vegetarian and easy of digestion in accordance with ayurveda.

Our receptionists speak languages and they do their best to help and serve you.

Our aim was to create such circumstances in the guest-house, where our clients can break out of monotonous everyday life and dematerialize at least for a liitle while.