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ABHYANGAM -full body massage with warm oil 60 mins

About this type of massage one must know that the most important treatment of ayurvedic medicine, in
abhyanga Sanskrit language this is a whole-body oil massage. This massage pattern can be
synchronized with 2 masseurs or a unique masseuse.
Beforehand to treatment the masseuse decides what kind of oil will be used for treatment as the
essence of Ayurvedic massage therapy is personalized treatment to everyone in order to balance the
During the treatment the most importnant part is to pass through the marma points of the human body,
thus stimulating and unlocking the blocks which are usually the basic problems.
The abhyangam massage begins with the oil that has been warmed up to a pleasant temperature on the
face and head, continues on the sole and upwards, to the abdomen and chest, and even the eyelashes
are well massaged. Its beneficial effect is mainly due to mental vigilance, calm nervous system and
good appetite.
Our skin, our muscles, our joints, our cells, our every organ and our nervous system, will be hankful and
in addition all accumulated poison and chemicals will be removed.
Briefly the abhyangam massage is strongly recommended for general health care, well being, insomnia,
sleep disorder, depression, joint problems, circulatory problems and a great deal of strength in
overcoming stress

ABHAYANGAM SYNCHRON MASSAGE – 2 masseurs(right and left side) 60 mins – 14.500 HUF
(same discription as a the ABHYANGAM massage)