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Béládi Heléna


/2018 Az Év Vállalkozása Brahmayurveda Kft/

I know India and its culture well, I lived there for a while. I aware about ayurvédic medicie, such as I did
some courses in the topic. Mainly my work is to maintain the guest satisfaction, create a great
atmosphere, keep up my staff, persistent innovation and importing he raw materials to Hungary.
This job is really complex, harmonising the staff and the guest is my main goal.
I learn a lot from our guests’ attitude and thinking. Nowadays it is hardto keep the traditions and the
modern era at the same time. The standards are high and some people ting they can buy health, but it’s
not that easy.
Occasionally, if I have time and a few words to go with my guests, I will try to guide them to the period
we spend in Albertirsa in modesty and simplicity. Do not concentrate on the mistakes (tere is no
perfect), but far away from thought in the mind as far as possible from everyday life, to deepen the
beginning of change as physically and mentally as the creative power of the mind must be used and can
be cured and healed with our negative or positive thoughts.
I would like to quote here from Dr. David Frawley's book, which states:
"According to Áyurvéda, the main cause of illness is the lack of intelligence, that is, the pradzsnya
paradha. This is not merely the weakness of intellectual knowledge or verbal expression, but rather the
lack of natural wisdom. In this case we do not understand the natural harmony of life, we are not in
harmony with nature, the universe, and its divine nature. Disability of our intelligence is caused by
external conditioning factors such as fear of desire and will.
These feelings block our creativity and keep us in the bondage of habit and become a pangs of
stimulation …”
I would like to say that we people believe that our lives are in our hands, what we control, the best thing
to do is "because we deserve it" - because we see it on TV, this is part of our brainwashing process,
which has begun some decades ago.
No thinking and enjoying the life.
However, we forget a very important thing, namely that we are not controlling our lives and not sure that
it is best for us, do not force ourselves, do not believe that we only exist in the world because it is the
lack of intelligence. A Divine Power that motivates, manages, moves, or slows down, stops it. Not us.
We have to trust ourselves to understand our relationship with Him. He is the strongest, not at all.
My life has brought this to me, I did not plan that at all. I was born, let it get in shape, the doors were
easy to open, the possibilities came, everything came with clock accuracy.
In the near future, I have every effort to build relationships in India that make the jobs even better and
more credible.